Hello I'm Alex, I run a tiny web design studio.

About Me

I'm an experienced product and web designer that also codes.

This is my personal site, I try to keep things up to date but you know - work can get in the way. Instead of the usual list of clients here's a random collection of things that make me tick.

I trained as a geologist but really I studied this so I could draw fossils and make maps. I find beauty in the unusal, nature and urban environments. I love cooking and believe it's one of the greatest art forms.

I currently live in a tiny farmhouse in Spain and I split my time doing UI/UX work, coding things and growing my own food.


🧑🏼‍🎨UX/UI Design

I design sites and services for the modern web. I balance the needs of your users with those of your business, so your site works for you and your customers.

👨🏻‍💻Front-end Development

I build using modern development practices and can integrate your site with Craft, Kirby, Shopify or WordPress. I take pride in my work and build things that stand the test of time. I follow responsive design principles and adhere to modern progressive enhancement techniques.

Recent Work

Luncheon Magazine (design and Shopify build), Gentlewench (UX design and WordPress build in partnership with Dazze) and Mimi Berry (design and Shopify build).

Hire Me

I'm currently busy working on a new thing.